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Sorry, I Can’t Go.  I Have a Variable Mortgage.

Sorry, I Can’t Go. I Have a Variable Mortgage.

First I'd like to say, I'm not making fun. I'm part of the group of new homeowners that was advised that a variable rate mortgage was a great way to go. After all, the rates won't go up too much, right? Nah. They did and will probably continue well into 2023. I hope...

Have a reasonable day

Have a reasonable day

I'm not sure that I use Twitter correctly.  I have a few lists curated where I grab the latest local or video games news, and that's it.  Where I deem appropriate, I inject sass into the Twitterverse, however it's mostly a spectator sport for me. The other day I was...

Is Etsy Still Worth it?

Is Etsy Still Worth it?

Etsy has changed a lot over the yearsFor the existing sellers out there, you're very familiar with the changes that Etsy has made over the last few years, including the controversial ones like the forced opt-in on external ads. Well, is Etsy still worth it? Or is it...

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