About Matt

Matt from Mattmade

Oh hey, that’s me.

I’ve always been a bit of a creative, and I always try to find a way to inject some creativity in my life.  Back in grade school, I drew a lot of pictures and in high school, I convinced a screen printer to print some of my designs on shirts and skateboards.  Selling shirts and skateboards with my designs on them helped me pay for school and gave me a taste of what a lil side hustle can accomplish.

These days, I dedicate a spare room for all sorts of activities which include mixed mediums and where I run my Etsy shop.

I’ve created this site to share stories and projects.  In these stories, I’ll share some projects and tidbits of knowledge that I’ve learned along the way. I’ve got even more plans in the works and you’ll see them here first.

Whether you’re a creative yourself, curious about some of the projects or just along for the ride, I hope you enjoy pokin’ around.