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Reading "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.

3 Key Ways To Improve Anything (I Think)

I run Mattmade and everything that goes with it out of my home, and shipping the items that I sell is obviously a huge part of it, which again, is out of my home. With that in mind, I was recently selected to participate in a program for Canada Post to help improve their shipping services. The program was downtown and while getting ready this morning, I decided that it made more sense to take the subway rather than drive (Between Toronto morning traffic, parking downtown and all that stuff, I wasn’t into it).

With about an hour and a half of commute time, I could either bring my Nintendo Switch or my tablet (So either games or reading). I haven’t soaked up a lot of reading aside from a few pages each night, so I grabbed my tablet.

I’m currently reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, a fascinating dive into the two systems of thought and it helps shed light on why we think the way we do in both the intuitive system and then the more logical system. Books like these don’t spell out obvious life lessons for you, but they help give you the tools to better understand why things the way they are and then you can go ahead and apply them to your life. I dig that stuff.

So between reading on the subway and assisting in a program to improve shipping services, I wanted to share 3 fundamental (and different) ways that I like to improve that maybe you can apply to something in your life, whether it’s a skill, a habit or routine, or something in your business. I hope it’s helpful.

Improve by Learning

It’s 2019, knowledge is basically up for grabs. Here are 5 ways that I learn something new:

  • The internet. Start with Google and YouTube. There are free courses and resources on mostly everything. Simply start by googling what you want to learn and subscribe to tutorial YouTube channels.
  • Books. Libraries aren’t just for kids. The Toronto Library (for example) shares all of its combined resources for anyone in the city. So if you need a book, ebook or audiobook, it’s available, you just may have to put a hold on it. I use Libby to listen to free audiobooks available in our library network for free.
  • Communities of expertise. Whether it’s a club in real life or simply a Facebook group. There are people who want to teach and others that want to learn. Tag along for the experience and when you know enough, pay it forward.
  • Friends. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve got friends better than you at something. If that isn’t true, make a few new friends.
  • Go to the store. Whatever you want to learn, there’s a shop that specializes in it, and they usually have experts there. Want to get into nutrition? Visit a nutritional shop. They’re into it too. Want to learn about painting? Visit a craft store. You get the point.

Improving starts with wanting to do something better, so the list above is a good start. With all of the knowledge in the world, it’s no good if you don’t practice it though…

Improve by Doing

With little or no knowledge, you’ve got to try. If you don’t give something a shot, you’ll never get better. It’s like a fresh grad student thinking that they’re super good at business, but everything is theory until the rubber hits the road.

This is where you make mistakes, turn back to your notes and actually get better. Malcolm Gladwell references a theory that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on something in his book The Outliers, and Allen Gannett takes that a step further in his book The Creative Curve by noting it can take 10,000 hours of purposeful practice to be good at something. Gannett explains that when you work on something, you should mindfully improve and get better in perfecting your craft. These two books are both great reads by the way.

Improve by Getting Feedback

As you continuously try to better yourself, accept any and all feedback. Not all of it will be what you want to hear, and not all of it will be true but average out your feedback and take it into consideration as you are on the path to improving, learning something new or offering a new product or service into your business. After that, rinse and repeat.

Circling back to the Canada Post study that I was involved in today. As much as I complain about service or shipping costs, Canada Post is doing something right by asking their users for honest feedback on the tools that they’re offering. I can imagine the folks at Canada Post went through a similar process in improving their systems.

Now ask yourself…

How are you making changes and improving aspects of your life and business or side hustle?

Self-promo? Sort of.

Mattmade Skull on Wall
Mattmade Skull on Wall

I’ve made myself quite a few Mattmade branded garments, and the typical responses I get are…

  • “Woah, your name is Matt, and that says Mattmade…Crazy coincidence!”
  • “Do you just like make your own shirts?”
  • “What is that like your own company or something?”

Although they’re all sort of accurate, I’d like to explain. Someone actually thought that all I did was sell shirts with my name on it, and that’s all that I sold (Some people have purchased Mattmade branded stuff, and thank you!). If you’ve been following along, that’s not all that I print. Some folks don’t realize that I made custom shirts for other people.

I do make a lot of different Mattmade shirts for myself, and it’s not because I want to self-promote myself. When I see a new garment that I feel buyers would be interested in, I order in a sample of it for myself and test out the print first. I found that the easiest (and least wasteful) way to test new apparel is to make myself a new shirt! So I designed a “cooler” version of my logo for my testing. For simple prints, I use this guy here…

Mattmade Skulls logo

I’ve tossed that on hoodies, tanks, tees and even die cut vinyls, all things I’d test for production.

Recently, I’ve expanded my print capabilities (more on that another day), so I’ve created a more detailed design to not only test new garments but how detailed logos hold up on these garments.

New Distressed Halftone Mattmade Skulls Logo

When I create something for someone, I want the confidence in knowing that I’m providing a decent product, and making something that I’ll wear, is a fun way to do it.

Although these logos don’t represent Mattmade as a brand (I sell a lot of fun baby clothes), these skulls resemble something that I’d wear, so it makes testing new garments and techniques more enjoyable. And yes, it does create a conversation that leads to self-promo and that’s cool too.


It’s pretty sweet being able to put just about anything on a t-shirt. With a lil help, we’d like to introduce a new way to showcase artwork on a t-shirt, but you could toss a drawing on just about anything. Just watch the video and enjoy.

These would be awesome for occasions like:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Honestly, any occasion.

Better idea…How about YOU tell ME how you wanna run with this, that might be easier! All I need is a clear scan or photo of a drawing, I clean it up and boom, it’s ready to get on a shirt. Costs vary based on size or print and style of shirt.

For more deets on how to get artwork on a t-shirt, send me an email!

I Got a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Why the Switch made sense for me

I don’t play as many games as I used to, but instead of loading up my phone with a stack of games with “in-app purchases”, I figured I’d strip my phone down a lil bit and grab a Switch. There’s more to it though…

I traded in my PlayStation 4

Since I don’t game as much, I decided it was time to cut my losses with my PS4 and trade ‘er in. I was able to stack a good trade-in value along with a Nintendo Switch promo for a sweet deal on a new Switch. I ended up paying $156 (taxes in) for the Switch, Mario Kart and a few extras after the trade-in. Not a bad deal at all.

Nintendo doesn’t stream TV

I had a few decent games for PS4, but I mostly used it to stream Netflix, Prime & Plex TV. So when I wanted to watch a show, I had to turn on my PS4, log in, go to my TV apps and then away I go. The Switch doesn’t do any of that, so instead of using my Chromecast that would tie up my device on streaming, I went ahead and picked up an Amazon TV Fire Stick to deal with the streaming, and dang, it’s way easier than using my PS4, no regrets.

I travel sometimes

Whether it’s just going to visit fam, or taking a work trip, being able to put down a book and play some mindless games totally works for me.

The Nintendo Switch is just awesome

Nintendo did an amazing job at making such a versatile system. Taking it on the road, docking it on your television, it’s pretty amazing. Now, I know I probably don’t fit in Nintendo’s target market for these, but they’ve sold me.

To celebrate, I’ve revised an Etsy Listing

The “Player Set” is a popular Etsy listing of mine, where you can customize which controllers you’d like to have on your shirts. These sets have been popular for dad and babies, however, I’ve made them for couples and siblings too! I’ve added a new option where you can add in Nintendo Switch controllers and instead of using the 8-bit font, I have a Nintendo-inspired font. If you love Nintendo Switch and have a player 2 in mind, check it out!

The rest of my matching sets