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It’s pretty sweet being able to put just about anything on a t-shirt. With a lil help, we’d like to introduce a new way to showcase artwork on a t-shirt, but you could toss a drawing on just about anything. Just watch the video and enjoy.

These would be awesome for occasions like:

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Honestly, any occasion.

Better idea…How about YOU tell ME how you wanna run with this, that might be easier! All I need is a clear scan or photo of a drawing, I clean it up and boom, it’s ready to get on a shirt. Costs vary based on size or print and style of shirt.

For more deets on how to get artwork on a t-shirt, send me an email!

I Got a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Why the Switch made sense for me

I don’t play as many games as I used to, but instead of loading up my phone with a stack of games with “in-app purchases”, I figured I’d strip my phone down a lil bit and grab a Switch. There’s more to it though…

I traded in my PlayStation 4

Since I don’t game as much, I decided it was time to cut my losses with my PS4 and trade ‘er in. I was able to stack a good trade-in value along with a Nintendo Switch promo for a sweet deal on a new Switch. I ended up paying $156 (taxes in) for the Switch, Mario Kart and a few extras after the trade-in. Not a bad deal at all.

Nintendo doesn’t stream TV

I had a few decent games for PS4, but I mostly used it to stream Netflix, Prime & Plex TV. So when I wanted to watch a show, I had to turn on my PS4, log in, go to my TV apps and then away I go. The Switch doesn’t do any of that, so instead of using my Chromecast that would tie up my device on streaming, I went ahead and picked up an Amazon TV Fire Stick to deal with the streaming, and dang, it’s way easier than using my PS4, no regrets.

I travel sometimes

Whether it’s just going to visit fam, or taking a work trip, being able to put down a book and play some mindless games totally works for me.

The Nintendo Switch is just awesome

Nintendo did an amazing job at making such a versatile system. Taking it on the road, docking it on your television, it’s pretty amazing. Now, I know I probably don’t fit in Nintendo’s target market for these, but they’ve sold me.

To celebrate, I’ve revised an Etsy Listing

The “Player Set” is a popular Etsy listing of mine, where you can customize which controllers you’d like to have on your shirts. These sets have been popular for dad and babies, however, I’ve made them for couples and siblings too! I’ve added a new option where you can add in Nintendo Switch controllers and instead of using the 8-bit font, I have a Nintendo-inspired font. If you love Nintendo Switch and have a player 2 in mind, check it out!

The rest of my matching sets

I Forgot How To Draw


When I was younger, I drew a lot. I owe a bit of that to being left-handed, I think because it was awkward trying to play sports. I didn’t really have any of my own equipment and my friends’ stuff was usually right handed. No matter, I kept busy other ways and drawing was a heavy past time.

I drew lots up to the age of about 14 or 15 when skateboarding sort of took more of my time, and by then, most of my drawing was on a computer. Now, drawing is a lost art to me, and I want to bring it back.

I recently hopped online to look at drawing tutorials and thanks to so many free resources, I’m going to fast track getting some of it back!

Drawing sparks creativity

When you draw, you can create anything, and when you can create anything, you get creative. When you get creative, awesome things happen.

Back to the drawing board, literally

If I’m going to be able to draw again, I need to relearn the fundamentals and sketch often. I’m going to use my tablet for this and challenge myself by drawing as often as I can.

End goal

I’d like to be able to use more of my drawings in personal projects and incorporate more my work in my Etsy shop items. It feels incredibly good when you’ve finished a piece of work that is 100% yours and even more so when others love it too. I want more of that.

5 Apps That Keep My Life Together

Use apps to keep your life organized
Use apps to keep your life organized

You’re laying in bed and come up with a killer idea, and you think to yourself, “That’s so good, I’m going to look into that in the morning.” Then you don’t, because you forgot.

When you’ve got so many ideas and so many things to do, it’s wild to keep everything sorted. Since we live in the digital age, there are essentials that can help keep you organized, and I’ll share my top 5 go-to’s. While going through the list, keep in mind that I rock Android, so while some of these may be Android specific, there are surely alternatives for Apple devices. Here’s a short list of apps that I use on a daily basis.

Business Calendar 2

By Appgenix Software (free/paid)

Don’t worry, this is the only paid option on the list. While it’s still available as a free option, dishing out a few bucks will make it ad free and integrate additional features like in calendar weather, easy drag & drop of events and the ability to get right into calendar customization.

Why I like it so much

Without a calendar, I’m lost. The standard Google Calendar doesn’t cut it for me because for every email account that I have, I have an associated calendar. Business Calendar 2 merges all of my calendars into one view seamlessly. On top of that, the calendar widget can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly with a ton of customization features. If you fully utlize your Google account with your calendar and to-do list, they’re both integrated in this app as well.

Being honest here, I’m a bit nuts when it comes to my calendar. I go as far as setting my gym sessions in as reocurring appointments, so relying on a robust calendar app is a huge win for me.

Google Keep

By Google (free)

When you’re bouncing between your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, having a note taking app that syncs between devices is huge. That’s where Google Keep steps in. This app allows you to make check lists, typed or handwritten notes, scribbles and even attach images. You can colour code your notes for organization and even pin notes to the top of the app for easy access (Perfect for your running grocery list).

Why I like it so much

For any time sensitive tasks, I use Google Tasks, but since that’s integrated into Business Calendar 2, I didn’t bother mentioning it here otherwise. For any other tasks or lists that I don’t associate a deadline to, they hit Google Keep. My grocery list, misc. shopping lists, quick notes out and about or maybe a quick note I need to get on my laptop from my phone, I turn to Google Keep. In addition to this, the widget make it super easy to view without having to open the app from my Android phone. I haven’t bothered looking into other note taking or list apps because this one is exactly what I need.

Microsoft OneNote

By Microsoft (free)

Back in the BlackBerry days, I was a fan of Evernote, but when I discovered OneNote, everything changed. This free program/app allows you to create notebooks on however many subjects you like. Imagine a backpack full of notebooks, but enriched with media, embedded Excel sheets and attached PDFs…All the good stuff to make sense of everything. On top of fully functional digital notebooks, you can also password protect them and share notebooks or pages with colleagues/collaborators. You’ll need Microsoft OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage) to fully utilize syncronizing across multiple devices, and you’ll see that’s the next app in my list, so that works for me.

Why I like it so much

Anything that doesn’t fit into my calendar or on a notepad, gets stored into OneNote. I’ve got a notebook to do with all things Etsy & Mattmade, then I’ve got one for personal (Finances, goals, health & fitness) and then some others. I embed Excel files, clip images, PDFs and all sorts of things. I create checklists and brainstorm ideas. All of this can be done from my phone, tablet or desktop. I don’t just use this app daily, I leave the program open on my computer for quick access as I plug away.

Microsoft OneDrive

By Microsoft (free)

OneDrive is Microsoft’s alternative to Google Drive or Dropbox. Since I’m an Android user, of course Google Drive is another go to (Which I highly recommend too). That being said, I store all of my major files on OneDrive, while I use my day-to-day stuff with Google Drive. Why do I do that? I simply have more free space with my OneDrive account. I don’t pay extra for any cloud storage with my accounts, so I divided up my usage like this:

  • OneDrive – Design files, Mattmade related things & syncing OneNote
  • Google Drive – Every day files, quick sharing between my devices and Google related syncing
  • Dropbox – Mostly for shared files with colleagues because it’s still popular

Why I like it so much

Microsoft gives you a ton of storage for free, and it’s seamless with any PC user experience (Yes, I rock both Android AND PC, haters gonna hate).

OneDrive is like the glue that keeps my files together, and that’s why it made the list.

Google Drive

By Google (free)

As I mentioned above, Google Drive is another one that keeps my madness intact. With the ability to sync easily across my devices, Google Drive is a fantastic solution. Google Drive is especially useful if you use Android or Gmail.

Why I like it so much

Again, for the reasons I mentioned above, and on top of that…It’s got a simple web interface making it especially easy to use hand in hand with Gmail or as a general cloud storage. All this and you are likely able to get away with the free account. If you’re looking for more storage, this is also one of the cheaper paid models.