Create a board that helps you when you’re bored


Through the pandemic, people were bored AF.  Which is completely understandable because there wasn’t a lot going on.  If you are an extrovert, it’s been a rough ride.  Lucky for me, I’m a hybrid introvert/extrovert, there’s got to be a term for that, *Googling* Ah, ambivert.  That’s me.

Anyways, I’m good being left alone to my own devices.  Literally.  I have so many gadgets and things to tinker with.  That said, when I’m bored, I’m often overwhelmed by how many activities I can do, I don’t do any at all.

Introducing my “Poster:Bored”, I created a poster of things I can do when I’m bored.  I wanted to create a fun and simple way to do something productive when I’m getting stir-crazy. 

I’ve been super fortunate to have stayed busy through the pandemic, however I wish I had thought of this earlier to suggest it to friends for themselves or even their kids. 

How to make your own Poster:Bored

  1. Make a list of all of the things you enjoy doing
  2. Sprinkle in some productive things you may not love doing, but should anyways
  3. Arrange your list on a board, large sheet of paper, or in a design application
  4. Add some colour or aesthetics.  
  5. If you can arrange them, sort them so alike tasks aren’t close together, or space them out so they fit real nice.

Boom.  You’ve got your very own Poster:Bored


If you’ve got kids that get stir-crazy, suggest that they create their own and you’ve just eliminated one session of boredom to satisfy future boredom, incredible.