First I’d like to say, I’m not making fun. I’m part of the group of new homeowners that was advised that a variable rate mortgage was a great way to go. After all, the rates won’t go up too much, right? Nah. They did and will probably continue well into 2023. I hope that if you’re part of this group, you can weather the storm or make some adjustments to get through it. In the meantime, it’s not a bad idea to find ways to cut the monthly expenses. This is where I half jokingly use my variable mortgage to kindly pass on nights out or adventures. I know I’m not the only one skipping on a few luxuries, and that’s why I made this shirt.

A Perfect Gift For Someone With a Variable Mortgage and a Sense of Humour

Okay, don’t gift this shirt to someone in a tough spot, but it is dang funny for someone who tried their luck and can handle the extra costs through these wild times the Bank of Canada has put us through.

If you’re the one looking to cut your monthly costs, I could write a book on saving money. From avoiding take-out to negotiating your phone bill, there are loads of ways to cut costs each month to ease the pain.

How Do You Save Money?

Do you have some serious money-saving hacks? Drop a comment below on your best money-saving tips. Let’s be more like Lil Dicky and Save Dat Money