Get Cashback For Online Shopping Thru Rakuten

Rakuten Homepage

Okay, first off, this is NOT a scam or promo, I actually use Rakuten when I shop online. The reason this lil tip hit Mattmade is that you can get 2% cashback (at time of posting) when you use Rakuten to shop on Etsy, which means that if you are shopping at Mattmade, shop through the Rakuten portal for a lil cashback. It doesn’t seem like much, but it definitely adds up and you’ll see why.

WTF is Rakuten?

Aside from a brand that you see on Soccer jerseys, Rakuten helps online shoppers save money and offers cashback by shopping through their web portal. There’s actually no catch and it’s available for a stack of online shops (Including 2 of my Favourites: Amazon & Etsy). If you’ve been registered for before, it’s now the same company, so you’re good. In short, it’s really just an affiliate site that gets a small cut for sending you to shop through them.

Here’s How You Do It

  1. Sign up for Rakuten here. That’s a referral link, which will give us BOTH bonus cashback when you spend your first $20 online in shopping through them.
  2. Fill out your account details and set up your payment info, by that I mean, where do you want them to send your cash, you do not have to pay them anything (I just take Amazon cashback, it’s easy and I shop there anyway).
  3. Then check out their long list of online shops that you can earn anywhere between 1% to like 10% daily (Sometimes more!).
  4. After that, once a quarter you’ll get a cashback sent to wherever you told them to send it.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

  • They also post deals & coupons on their site
  • You can buy gift cards through and get cashback
  • You can see your cashback balance any time you log in
  • If you have a promo code for a listed online store, you can stack the cashback and the promo code for even better deals
  • You must log in to their site and start your shopping through them otherwise it won’t catch your cashback
  • Once you reach an online store (i.e. Amazon) through Rakuten, just shop however you’d normally shop, you’re good to go.
  • I’m referencing the Canadian Rakuten, if you’re elsewhere, surely you can hit them up in your own region

Speaking of Promo Codes, Here’s One for Mattmade

Use promo code WOAHSAVINGS for any order over $30 CAD, receive 10% off at MattmadeCa

Few Notes:

  • If items are already on sales, this discount won’t stack, however, Etsy will give you whichever is the better deal.
  • The Rakuten cashback and the promo code WILL work together, just make sure you start through the Rakuten site.