I Forgot How To Draw


When I was younger, I drew a lot. I owe a bit of that to being left-handed, I think because it was awkward trying to play sports. I didn’t really have any of my own equipment and my friends’ stuff was usually right handed. No matter, I kept busy other ways and drawing was a heavy past time.

I drew lots up to the age of about 14 or 15 when skateboarding sort of took more of my time, and by then, most of my drawing was on a computer. Now, drawing is a lost art to me, and I want to bring it back.

I recently hopped online to look at drawing tutorials and thanks to so many free resources, I’m going to fast track getting some of it back!

Drawing sparks creativity

When you draw, you can create anything, and when you can create anything, you get creative. When you get creative, awesome things happen.

Back to the drawing board, literally

If I’m going to be able to draw again, I need to relearn the fundamentals and sketch often. I’m going to use my tablet for this and challenge myself by drawing as often as I can.

End goal

I’d like to be able to use more of my drawings in personal projects and incorporate more my work in my Etsy shop items. It feels incredibly good when you’ve finished a piece of work that is 100% yours and even more so when others love it too. I want more of that.