Reading – Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

Side Hustle By Chris Guillebeau
Side Hustle By Chris Guillebeau

Written By: Chris Guillebeau

I’ve always been a fan Chris Guillebeau’s work. In fact, one of the first titles I’ve read on the starting my own business was The $100 Startup, but let’s talk about this one.

Already going through the motions of a “side hustle” myself, the best part about this book, was that it reinforced that I was following the right path for a true side hustle. I operate my Etsy shop on the side and it made me feel pretty good that I was following the major steps outlined throughout the book. This book gives you a guideline on how to successfully get you in the right mindset to start a side hustle for all of the right reasons.

What I thought

I really enjoyed it for the reason that I mentioned above. On top of that, Chris Guillebeau keeps his writing on point. For occasional readers, this book is a perfect length. For those who rip through novels, it’s a walk in the park with clear takeaways.

I had the opportunity to meet Chris on his book tour for this book in Toronto. Chris is engaging with the audience and follows up with all of his fans. In fact, I had the opportunity to be interviewed and featured on his Side Hustle School Podcast, where he publishes podcasts daily on side hustles out there. To check out mine, hit up Podcast #455. Not only did I want to give myself a lil plug there, it also shows that Chris really is dedicated in helping all of those side hustlers out there.

Who should read it

Anyone who’s thought about starting a side hustle, currently running one or simply interested in the idea of creating a passion project that can turn a profit, this book is for you. Chris creates a simple side hustle recipe that anyone can understand, all you need to do is apply it to your own work.