Self-promo? Sort of.

Mattmade Skull on Wall
Mattmade Skull on Wall

I’ve made myself quite a few Mattmade branded garments, and the typical responses I get are…

  • “Woah, your name is Matt, and that says Mattmade…Crazy coincidence!”
  • “Do you just like make your own shirts?”
  • “What is that like your own company or something?”

Although they’re all sort of accurate, I’d like to explain. Someone actually thought that all I did was sell shirts with my name on it, and that’s all that I sold (Some people have purchased Mattmade branded stuff, and thank you!). If you’ve been following along, that’s not all that I print. Some folks don’t realize that I made custom shirts for other people.

I do make a lot of different Mattmade shirts for myself, and it’s not because I want to self-promote myself. When I see a new garment that I feel buyers would be interested in, I order in a sample of it for myself and test out the print first. I found that the easiest (and least wasteful) way to test new apparel is to make myself a new shirt! So I designed a “cooler” version of my logo for my testing. For simple prints, I use this guy here…

Mattmade Skulls logo

I’ve tossed that on hoodies, tanks, tees and even die cut vinyls, all things I’d test for production.

Recently, I’ve expanded my print capabilities (more on that another day), so I’ve created a more detailed design to not only test new garments but how detailed logos hold up on these garments.

New Distressed Halftone Mattmade Skulls Logo

When I create something for someone, I want the confidence in knowing that I’m providing a decent product, and making something that I’ll wear, is a fun way to do it.

Although these logos don’t represent Mattmade as a brand (I sell a lot of fun baby clothes), these skulls resemble something that I’d wear, so it makes testing new garments and techniques more enjoyable. And yes, it does create a conversation that leads to self-promo and that’s cool too.

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