Who I Am, Who You Might Be

Mattmade Workspace
Mattmade Workspace

First off, I’m just a regular guy (mostly, I think).  I have a full-time job and in my spare time, I like to make stuff.  I do other things like hit the gym, skateboard and read, however, something I found super interesting is the ability to create things, and maybe those things are just for me, and sometimes other people like those things and that brought me closer to the idea that I can create a side hustle in my spare time, with something that I enjoy doing.  The idea is crazy, like, where’s the catch?  How is it possible to do something that you enjoy doing, and make money from it?  I feel that the catch is that there’s not one way to do it, there are plenty of ways, and to really enjoy it, you need to figure out which combination of ways works for you.

My stories could be served as a resource for you, because I’ll share a bit about what I’ve learned along the way, it can also be a source of entertainment (idk maybe?), and you can also help support my journey if you like some of my creations.  Since this is my first post, this site could go in a number of directions, so this is me figuring out which combination of ways this works for me.

I’ll admit this in the beginning, I’m not a world class creator, which means you won’t find the most amazing artwork, writing, curation or even business advice.  I’m just me, sharing my ideas, and if you like them, awesome, if not, no worries, move on with your life.

So that’s me, now, who are you?

You could be someone who has similar hobbies and you’re simply curious on what I’m up to, you could be someone who has your own side hustle and you’re looking for another perspective, you may be someone who bought something from my Etsy shop and decided to visit me here.  Whoever you are, thanks for reading at least this far.

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