10 Ways to Rock Social Distancing

From drawing to gaming, here's how I enjoy some social distancing

There’s a lot of scary stuff about the coronavirus COVID-19 in the media right now, and it’s too early to tell if it’s all legit or not. Regardless of the severity, all of the stress and social impacts are real. With sports and public events cancelled or postponed, there’s a strong emphasis around social distancing (the super nice way to say voluntary quarantining). Whether you want to or not, you’ll find yourself with nowhere to go, is that a bad thing though?

This post is NOT a debate on the virus going around, it’s about weathering through social distancing and how to make the best of it. Consider this some isolated showers of positive thoughts in the absolute media sh*tstorm out there.

Prevent Self-Isolation From Making You Stir Crazy

Whether you’re deciding to socially distance on your free time or you’ve taken a step away from work to vanish altogether, you may feel a bit lost with all of the spare alone time. What are you going to do? Instead of binging on Netflix and snacks, I’ve created a list of activities to consider during your personal downtime. Since you’re basically grounded right now, it’s worth a look, right?

1. Read a book

Personally, I’ve got a massive book list that I want to tackle and I never feel like I have enough time, well that could change rather quickly. Take this as an opportunity to finish a book or start a new one. You can even go as far as hitting up goodreads.com and finding some recommendations on topics that you like. Whether it’s to educate yourself or to fade away into some wild fantasy land, now’s your chance.

2. Learn Something New

In my first blog post, I talk about how pumped I was to step out of my comfort zone to learn how to sew. Although you probably won’t want to jump out of isolation into a classroom setting, there are loads of free online courses, books, and content online to teach yourself something new. Make a list of things you’d love to learn and if something sticks out, go ahead and get started.

3. Get Artsy

Whether you feel you’ve got skills or not, it doesn’t really matter, you’re alone and nobody needs to see your creations. Draw some pictures, knit something or make some music. Whatever “artsy” means to you, express your creative side. Hit up Pinterest for some inspiration.

4. Get Some Fitness in

Even if you don’t have workout equipment at home, you can definitely find ways to do some bodyweight workouts. Whether it’s push-ups, planks or yoga, a lil fitness can definitely pass some time in a good way. Believe it or not, Pinterest can help you here too.

5. Explore New Foods

Okay, so if you’re actually quarantined, obviously you’re limited to what’s in the pantry. If that’s the case, work with what you’ve got. If you can sneak out to the grocery store, challenge yourself by making some meals from scratch. It’s like creating a food puzzle that you get to eat if you solve it.

6. Clean Your Space

I know that if I had excess spare time, I could go through some junk. Don’t be afraid to rip through some old stuff, and toss, donate or sell things that you can live without…And in the spirit of good hygiene, scrub your place down while you’re at it.

7. Do Some Soul Searching

If you aren’t comfortable alone, ask yourself why. You can take this alone time as an opportunity to discover what makes you happy and if you’re on the right path. Life gets overwhelming and with this social distancing, you can take a step back and address what’s not 100% in your life. Keep in mind though, this is a time to self reflect and not to point blame. If you’re not happy, take accountability and don’t blame others, this isn’t a time for hate, it’s a time for positive change.

8. Reorganize Yourself

I saved this near the end because if you’ve given an honest effort in the above, there’s a solid chance you’ve acquired a new skill or learned something about yourself. When the dust settles, what can you do now to develop new positive habits? Take some time to create some new routines and goals.

9. Self Care

Again, if you’ve ripped through this list, you’ve earned a lil self-care. Take a hot bath, have a drink (if you haven’t already) and treat yourself to something you haven’t done for yourself in a while. A personal recommendation is for you to pick up one of those massage guns, if you haven’t used one before, you’re missin’ out.

10. Just Relax

Lastly, just don’t do anything, or do something that puts you in cruise control, for me it’s a lil Nintendo Switch these days. A cup of tea (or wine) and a movie does the trick. If you really want to relax, download the Calm app and totally zen out to some relaxing ambient sounds or stories. The important thing is to push out all of the worries and clear your mind.

To sum it all up, do anything but create stress for yourself (apologies if cooking or knitting are triggers for you). Use this as an opportunity to regroup, get more comfortable with yourself and when you’re ready to get back into the world, don’t forget to wash your hands.